The primary goal of AQUA is to advance the deployment of quantum technologies in the real world, principally by applying known techniques from classical computer architecture, networking and distributed systems to the problems of scalability in quantum systems. This work will both bring new computational capabilities and help ensure that the progress of information technology does not end when the size of transistors can no longer be reduced.


The AQUA group consists of three major teams:

Much of the work done is available in our public GitHub repository.


Quantum computers are real, they're just not very good yet. Part of our job is to make them better!

Our computation work falls in several areas:


Large systems must combine multiple devices into one system that can compute collaboratively, as well as share information; we are investigating both system-area and wide-area quantum networks.

Our work has two major areas, a testbed network (real hardware, real protocols, specifications!) and simulation, and some minor work on theory.

Education and Community

We are working to create educational materials and to bring together a community of researchers, developers, users and the general public. We are working hard to create educational materials not just in English and Japanese, but also in other important global languages such as French, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai, with other languages still to come.

In addition, we are part of the community of researchers and part of our shared human, global society. We help to run conferences and workshops (such as the Workshop for Quantum Repeaters and Networks) and journals (such as IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering).

We are also interested in the ethical creation and use of quantum technologies, but right now do not have active projects in this area. If you want to join us and start a project, come on!