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* We all welcome to AQUA any time. If you are interested in, please contact us. In the fall semester of 2019 we have meetings on Thursday 2-3. Laboratory:ΔN211 Please look at this if you want to join us.

Group Notes/Tutorials

  • Clare's notes on stabilizers

  • AQUA group photos (thumbnails) (password protected)
  • Research photos & documents (thumbnails) (password protected)
  • AQUA wiki(under construction)(password protected)
  • Recommended Texts

    The group owns at least one copy of most of these books, and I'm happy to buy new books we think are valuable. (I'm much less happy about buying new copies of old books because we've lost them.)

  • 根本 香絵、 池谷 瑠絵
    ようこそ量子 量子コンピュータはなぜ注目されているのか
  • 竹内 繁樹
  • 古澤明
  • Colin P. Williams, Scott Clearwater
    Ultimate Zero and One : Computing at the Quantum Frontier
  • Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang,
    Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

    "Mike and Ike", regarded as the standard graduate-level textbook. Not easy going for beginners, but great stuff.

  • ミカエル ニールセン (著), アイザック チャン (著), Michael A. Nielsen (原著), Isaac L. Chuang (原著), 木村 達也 (翻訳)
    量子コンピュータと量子通信〈1〉量子力学とコンピュータ科学 (量子コンピュータと量子通信 1)
  • John Preskill
    Physics 219/Computer Science 219 course at Caltech.

    John's lecture notes, near the bottom of the page, are a great alternative to Mike & Ike for much of the fundamentals. This page also has links to useful reviews.

  • Basic Quantum Mechanics
  • Other Topics

  • W Daniel Hillis
    The Pattern On The Stone: The Simple Ideas That Make Computers Work
  • Richard Feynman, Tony Hey,
    Feynman Lectures on Computation
  • Tony Hey (ed.)
    Feynman and Computation
  • Neil Gershenfeld
    The Physics of Information Technology
  • Recommended Videos

    Besides those listed under "Courses" on our publications page, check out the following:

  • Charlie Marcus's talk at TEDxCaltech is the best twelve-minute intro to quantum computing I've seen.
  • See also Scott Aaronson's and David Awschalom's talks at TEDxCaltech.
  • Classes

    Class of Quantum Information Processing for undergraduates by Van Meter

  • Quantum Information Processing(GIGA)
  • AQUA have lectures as part of education. Below are some of the textbooks handled in lectures in the past.

  • Michael A. Nielsen (原著), Isaac L. Chuang (原著), 木村 達也 (翻訳)
    量子コンピュータと量子通信〈1〉量子力学とコンピュータ科学 (量子コンピュータと量子通信 1)
    量子コンピュータと量子通信〈2〉量子コンピュータとアルゴリズム (量子コンピュータと量子通信 2)
    量子コンピュータと量子通信〈3〉量子通信・情報処理と誤り訂正 (量子コンピュータと量子通信 3)
  • 谷田貝 豊彦 (著)
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